Case Studies :

Sattva Vikas School a leading school in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, was established in 1998 by Raja Pathak, with the aim at giving a qualitative high standard of education which would develop the student's innate potential to the fullest. At Sattva Vikas School, the intellectual, social, emotional, physical, spiritual and aesthetic development of the students is fostered to enhance their quality of life. Since its inception, the institute has made an attempt to educate & train the students in totality with the clear mission to pursue excellence in all fields of primary and secondary education. The Sattva Vikas School is one of the most technologically advanced School campuses in Gujarat. Over 200 computers on-campus are connected to the internet through broadband connections, with the campus wide network.

Challenge :

As described above, being one of the most technological and advanced school, the school has to manage lot of things whether it's student's backing up data, executing financial transactions, or student grade book detail, management of each and every class, school library, finance management, staff management and like above many more things, which teacher and administrator have to do manually. As a human its but obvious to make a mistake and as it was manually so, have to manage things in register or excel. It was a time consuming thing, there were also possibilities to misplace register/file. That is why sometimes it became a repetitive task. When the management came to know about all these hurdles, they thought of implementing the automated integration, for their various solutions to ensure a meaningful evaluation and a successful project.

Solution :

Finally, the panel narrowed down the decision to TRIZ Education Solution, which provided all the student and management Lifecycle features, which Sattva Vikas School had long been searching for. TRIZ Integrated Education Management System (IEMS) is comprehensive "Software as a service" system that covers all aspects and operations of the institutions. It helps to carry out day to day operations smoothly, and it is powerful and flexible enough to handle daily operations effectively.

Benefits :

Sattva Vikas School implemented TRIZ solutions as a complete web-based integrated solution. With this solution, Sattva Vikas School automated their critical functions like pre admission application forms, attendance, timetabling, Student fee, printing of student ID Cards, and analytical reporting and many more functionality through a single centralized relational database to accommodate the unique requirements of the Sattva Vikas School. This integrated approach, provided Management of Sattva Vikas School with a higher return on investment by minimizing training, maintenance and future expenditures. From last one year of smooth operation, Sattva Vikas Schools management has analyzed that out of 1100 students and staff members, 80% of students' access TRIZ integrated solution on a daily basis through the Internet. Some students even access this solution on holidays as well from their homes. By implementing TRIZ solutions, Sattva Vikas School management has experienced increased efficiencies and cost-savings all across the school, while simultaneously allowing faculties and administrators to make more informed decisions aimed at helping students to increase their learning potential. On top of that, TRIZ solutions have also given increased peace of mind.

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Riverside School

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the service provided by TRIZ, and with you in particular Your service from start to finish has been exemplary.

Sattva Vikas School

TRIZ solutions for education are an excellent resource to tackle academic and strategic issues of any campus.They have excellent client side experience.

Tatva Institute of Technology

This is just a note to thank you personally to Mr. Kalpesh and TRIZ team for assisting our campus in our strategic planning initiatives and education.

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